Financial support from our Friends and Business Partners of the Arts in the Bradford County region is vital to the overall success of the BCRAC. Your donations, sponsorships, memberships and gifts to BCRAC directly support our general mission goals of maintaining three active historical movie theatres as venues for first run movies, live arts and music programming, and community gathering and meeting spaces. 

BCRAC Mission:

  • Advocating for the Arts;
  • Cultivating quality arts programming; and
  • Preserving Bradford County’s historic theatres (Keystone Theatre, Towanda; Sayre Theatre, Sayre; and Rialto Theatre, Canton) as venues for performances, community events, and movies.

Continued investments of capital into our century-old historic theatres is necessary to maintain and preserve our three 100+ year old historic theatres.  These three venues are expensive and difficult to maintain and operate due to their age and architectural beauty.  Movie tickets and concessions make up a small portion of our revenue, and our pricing for events has been lower than our near competition for decades.  Grants and voluntary financial support from our Individual Friends of the Arts Members, our Business Partner of the Arts Members, and Benefactors is a critical portion of our annual funding budget. Also, gifts and estate giving to our Bequest/Endowment Program provide long-term, long-lasting contributions to the future of the arts and historic theatres in our region. Without such generous gifts from the community and contributors to all of these programs, our mission and historic theatres would not survive.

Bradford County Regional Arts Council (BCRAC) is a private, not-for-profit corporation. Contributions are tax-deductible, as recognized by the Internal Revenue Service designation 501(c)(3). Please consult your tax advisor for more information.

Ongoing financial stability is a continuous challenge for many not-for profit regional arts councils, including BCRAC.  You can help us continue to ensure a thriving arts presence and maintain and steward our three historic community theatres by considering BCRAC in your gift planning.  Bequests, Endowments and Charitable Gift Planning are just a few of the ways that you can help create a stable source of annual funding to assist BCRAC in its arts mission and preservation of our communities’ three historic theatres.

Bequests to charitable organizations such as BCRAC can result in significant tax benefits.  In planning your will or trust, by including BCRAC, you can have a real and meaningful impact on the ability of BCRAC to continue our mission in the future.  Also, annuities and life insurance policies can be gifted to BCRAC by simply listing BCRAC as beneficiary.  Please see your tax advisor for information regarding the benefit of tax deductible treatment of premium costs of any insurance or annuity gifts to BCRAC.

Sponsorships of arts programs are also a method for the community to help support the mission of BCRAC.  Specific program sponsorships of popular arts programs such as Missoula Children’s Theatre, Schooltime Youth Series, and other events such as Ladies Night Out and live programs are just a few of the sponsorship opportunities available that reach a large local market audience.  More information regarding specific sponsorship opportunities can be found by contacting us at

If you have questions regarding planned giving opportunities or sponsorships at BCRAC, please contact the Director of Development (570) 268-ARTS (2787), or

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