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205 S. Elmer Ave.
Sayre, PA

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Matinee Pricing - Adult tickets are $6.00.  Senior (60 & over) are $5.00, Child (12 & under) are $5.00


Evening Pricing - Adult tickets are $7.00  Senior (60 and over) are $6.00  Child (12 & under) are $5.00


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*Note:  No one 16 years of age or under will be admitted to an "R" rated movie without an accompanying parent or guardian.

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The Sayre Theatre History

(Formerly the Sayre Opera House-1914, Sayre PA)

In the fall of 1995, the Arts Council initiated a 0,000 construction phase at the Sayre Theatre, which created a renovated lobby, an art gallery, two new cinemas and a more intimate performance center at the Valley theatre. Three years later, the Final Phase of the construction was completed with the dedication of the largest of the three cinemas, the Guthrie Performing Arts Center. All live performances are presented in this space as well as premiere movies.

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 Friday, November 20, 2015 - Thursday, November 26, 2015 



The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2

"PG-13" (2 hrs 17 mins)

mockingjay pt2

As the war of Panem escalates to the destruction of other districts by the Capitol, Katniss Everdeen, the reluctant leader of the rebellion, must bring together an army against President Snow, while all she holds dear hangs in the balance.

Starring - Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth

Thanksgiving: 6:30
 6:30, 9:15
Sat. 1:20, 4:00, 6:50, 9:30
Sun. 1:20, 4:00, 6:50
Mon. 1:00, 6:30
Tues. 6:30
Wed. 6:30
Thurs. ANNUAL FUNDRAISER pre-sale at the door (per person)

 The Good Dinosaur

 "PG" (1 hr 40 mins)

The good Dinosaur 

An epic journey into the world of dinosaurs where an Apatosaurus named Arlo makes an unlikely human friend.

Starring - Jeffrey Wright, Frances McDormand, Maleah Nipay-Padilla

Thanksgiving. 6:50
Fri. 6:50, 8:50
Sat. 1:40, 4:10, 6:40, 8:50
Sun. 1:40, 4:10, 6:40

Mon. 1:10, 6:50
Tues. 6:50
Wed. 6:50
ANNUAL FUNDRAISER pre-sale at the door (per person)


Love the Coopers


 "PG - 13" (1 hr 47 mins)




When four generations of the Cooper clan come together for their annual Christmas Eve celebration, a series of unexpected visitors and unlikely events turn the night upside down, leading them all toward a surprising rediscovery of family bonds and the spirit of the holiday.


Starring -  Diane Keaton, John Goodman, Ed Helms


Fri. 6:40, 8:40
Sat. 1:30, 4:20, 6:30, 8:40
Sun. 1:30, 4:20, 6:30

Mon. 1:20, 6:40
Tues. 6:40
Wed. 6:40
 ANNUAL FUNDRAISER pre-sale at the door (per person)